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Hello, I'm Shonda Ponder. I am a self-employed courier and taxi driver. 

I am a Christian and a Conservative American and native Texan.

My priority is Jesus. My goals are to win souls, to live abundantly and to pay my bills on time, in that order.

I look forward to communicating with you all!

Yesterday and Today

Good morning, World!

So, Yesterday I got out of bed. (Yeah, that's a big step for a day when I don't have to).

I took the dogs out. (Because Milo realized I was awake and started begging and nudging me, trying to push me out of the bed, and jumping up and licking me in the face, until I buried my head under the sheet and he continued to push and nudge and growl "mrng", while Otis watched and waited, saving his yapping until I actually sat up).

Then I came back in and started boiling bowtie spaghetti and tea.

I grabbed the clothes basket and took them to the laundry.

I came back up and finished cooking my spaghetti.

I took out some trash and loaded my car with some stuff to take to Salvation Army tomorrow before I start work tomorrow.

I put the clothes in the dryer and came up and ate.

I played around with my websites, deleting some unnecessary projects that I don't have time for anymore.

I went and retrieved my clothes from the laundry.

I played some computer games.

I washed dishes. (After portioning out the remainder of the spaghetti to the freezer to save for other days).

I played Big Farm and Sim City, listening to Matthew Hagee and Joyce Meyers as I did so.

Then, I watched some LiveOps videos to prepare me for my upcoming certification classes.

I took the dogs outside again.

I cleaned the Kitchen floor.

I cleaned the bathtub (after using it for my mop water).

I put away all my clothes.

I played some Fallout, then watch some Vikings, Rifleman, Bonanza, Bewitched and closed the night out with Stargate SG-1.

Today I start work at 1 PM. I have to drop some stuff off at the Salvation and take a W-2 to a young lady (it came in my mailbox, so I located her on FB).

Have a blessed day!

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