Worries and Solutions

Good morning, World!

Yesterday I went to the lake and enjoyed fried fish, corn fritters, jalapeno poppers, hush puppies, French fries, sliced onions, and fruit salad. It was really good!

Apparently, Amazon is down-sizing it's delivery due to rising gas prices...or lack of business. I have a niece-in-law who was let go yesterday because of it. I told her that I would send her some links to become a contract driver for herself and she will never have to worry about being "let go" for any reason (except stupidity) again.

I hope she is able to follow my advice.

My car situation has me worried. What if it isn't the sensor? What if it is something else, like the oil pump?

I have to take it in, in the morning to get it looked at by a second set of eyes. I need it fixed because I can't work full speed without my car in good working condition.

And, I have to go to Tyler for a doctor's appointment about my Lupus on Wednesday. I need a safe ride.

I have to go get the dogs some food this morning before I start work. They are out, again. Walmart seems be going short on their brand of dog food, so I've been buying the smaller bags.

Well, since today is Sunday, and I can't do much about my car today, I will limit my work to delivery only. But, I have to work. I have to afford the repairs and the upcoming rent, and I haven't built repor enough with the call center to make enough money there -- and even if I did, I wouldn't get paid until next month.

Right now, the call center is strictly something I do on the side when I am bored, and it's just nice to receive a little bit of money for it once every two weeks.

Have a blessed day, and pray for me!

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