Working to Stay in God's Will

Good Friday morning, World!

Today I am going to be working pretty hard. I hope. It is Friday.

After I got my speeding ticket last night on the way home, I came home to make sure I would be okay to still drive for my delivery apps. And, I am, unless I get two more tickets in the next two years.

I am definitely going to slow down. LOL

Besides, there is really no need to rush. When I get an order, it's usually not ready by the time I get there. And, I have plenty of time to get the order to the customer. (Ecclesiastes 8:3)

I called the courthouse this morning and was told that the ticket had not processed in yet, and to call back on Tuesday or Wednesday. So, I taped my ticket to the wall above my computer at home to remind me. (Romans 13:7)

Tomorrow, I am taking off work. It is the Sabbath, and I have been failing to honor it. If this isn't a sign, I don't know what is. (Exodus 20:8)

I am also almost finished listening to Genesis on my audio Bible. I am making it a habit to listen to at least one chapter of the Bible each day. Sometimes multiple times, so that I may reflect and meditate on it; that it may inspire and teach and lead me into God's will for my life. (Joshua 1:8)

There is nothing that is going to happen in my life that God doesn't let happen. So, I may as well honor Him who woke me up to live it! God put me in my current situation and made me happy again. If I do not follow Him, I will not be here for long. And, even if I do, I may not be, as God's plan is so much better than my own!

Have a blessed day!

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