What can we do to help "Save our Country?"

We do not stop voting regardless of how we feel about the election process. If we do, then we are not letting them know that we disaprove of their cheating.

Make them work HARDER to cheat, that is how.

Use the telephone system to call your "elected officials" and make them hear what you are saying.

Go lobby. Write letters to the editor of your local news papers. Call radio stations. DON"T STOP taking action just because you feel like elections are compromised. KEEP FIGHTING.

Boycott companies that don't support your beliefs. Fight them at the stock exchanges. Protest. March. AND PREPARE FOR ANYTHING.

Create YOUR OWN websites. Put what you think on it. Promote others on it that think like you do. Don't just depend on Social Media outlets to get the word out. Learn how to be your OWN media outlet.

Create your own podcasts.

Write and publish your own books.

Create and support your own news papers, news letter, online news services. Write Press releases. Collect email lists, snail mail addresses AND USE THEM.

THIS IS HOW THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT GOT STARTED BACK IN THE 90's. Hold public meetings. Hold private house meetings. The Founders met in all the public places. The Tree of Liberty was a tree where they posted their own propaganda and notices.

We had "Texas Best Seminars" where we brought together all of the speakers on a variety of different subjects and allowed and encouraged audience participation by answering questions and organizing. We turned it into "America's Media Alliance" and went nation-wide with it. Facebook and Twitter and other Social apps have destroyed everything we built. REBUILD. And, this time, don't depend on one area of operation to get your word out!

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