We Speak, God Hears!

Hello, World!

When you are a child of the Most High Living God of the Universe, there is NOTHING God will with-hold from those who love Him and are called according to His purpose!

God loves for you to ask Him for things; but, if you live as if you have faith that God is going to care for you and that He is in control, then you only need to speak from your heart and God will hear you.

I think that is what happened this morning when I said I needed new clothes, and Milo needed to go to the vet. God heard it.

When I left my apartment, I went straight to the mailbox to see if there was anything pressing that I didn't want to miss today, like the other day when my health insurance decided I needed to pay more...LOL Lo and behold, there was an envelope from the homeowners insurance company.

Silly me, I almost just threw it away. After all, I'm done with all that, right? But, I took the time to open it, having learned from my most recent mistake. God sent me $560.

I immediately went and deposited the money and then shopped for clothes. Then, I went to the Veterinarian clinic and made an appointment for Milo in the morning. I was going to make one for Otis, but his would cost me $190, and I am not sure how much Milo's is going to cost yet, if anything is wrong that can be fixed. Milo is in pain, Otis is not. His teeth can wait. I'll deal with Otis when my other money comes in.

I worked half the day, then came home to put up all the clothes I bought this morning. I'm relaxing the rest of the night.

Have a blessed night! MINE IS!

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