Using and Building Credit

Today, like yesterday, was extremely slow. There is no way I can make that up without two long distance trips

I went into one of my credit lines and got the money. I don't like doing that, because what happens if I have another accident? or something else? Sooo...

I am going to keep working the full day from now on, except the Sabbath of course, and am going to pray I don't have to take a day off any time soon, so I can focus on getting some of the credit lines paid off. Or, at the very least, paid DOWN.

I got into trouble about 25 or 30 years ago using credit like that, and when I got arrested it ruined me. Ended up filing bankruptcy. I don't want to go through that again. I am home now. I have a light headache (lack of caffeine from drinking more water, I think), but I am online at the call center -- which is malfunctioning for everyone (not just me), so I hope I am able to make SOMETHING tonight to add to my credit.

But, check out the good news:

Have a blessed day!

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