Urge for Going

I woke up this morning, and, as is my morning routine, I went to let the dogs go outside. The dogs stepped outside long enough to figure out that that is not where they wanted to be. The snow was so deep it covered them! I didn't have the heart to make them go outside to do their business. Instead, I put down some emergency puppy pads in the bathroom. They are good about going there.

But, disappointment and panic set in for me. I have bills to pay, and there is no way I am going to make money driving my car in this!

And, I had something I had to do today. A special delivery that was crucial.

I have no Central A/C or Heat in my home. I only have one small space heater in my room. And, it was below 20 degrees.

And, my water pipes were frozen. No water to bathe in or drink. I was almost out of tea!

I immediately jumped online (thank God the power was still on!) and sold all the stocks I have left -- which won't go through until tomorrow because today is President's Day. Gotta do something to pay bills while all this is going on. No telling how long this is gonna last.

Then, I got into my car and, after thawing the windshield so I could see to drive, I set out to go to Walmart -- with the heater going full blast!

At that point, I dreaded going back to my cold home. So, I decided to do what I needed to do and maybe stay out awhile. And, since I was out, I turned on the UBER app.

I made my crucial delivery, then I got my first Uber ping of the day. Seriously? a RIDESHARE!

I took another one, then started getting pinged for deliveries. When I went to the restaurant, the restaurant was closed. So I canceled the runs. The only delivery I took was Outback Steakhouse - apparently the only place open!

I made about $30. Then the offers stopped. I decided, since it was starting to get dark, to come on home.

To my cold house.

With no water.


Keeping my clothes and my coat on, and wrapping myself in my blankets. It's supposed to be down to 5 degrees tonight. ARGH!

Have a blessed day!

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