Un-worthy Trips

Hello, World!

Yesterday was a very busy day. I didn't go out of town, but I did do a lot in-town.

I also bought back all of my stock before I went to work. The stock market looks like it is rebounding some.

That doesn't do anything for my gas prices though. Grub Hub tried to send me to Ogden, Arkansas for just $11.00. That would have been a 32 mile round trip. It would have cost me nearly 3 gallons of gas. With gas being over $4/gal, it ain't worth it.

Then, Uber tried and tried to get me to take trips in which the destination was just 1 minute from the pick-up, and they wanted me to drive 5 miles to pick up. Nope. Not worth it - even with the $0.45/trip boost.

But, I did well yesterday, in spite of all that.

This morning, I started out the morning gaining $50 on my net assets in E-trade. I hope this is an indication of what the rest of the day is going to be like!

Have a blessed day!

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