Try out The Ad Labyrinth!

Today I am surfing The Ad Labyrinth.

Rickey and Cheryl Gardner have created a special offer for you and all your potential Downline on 26 of their traffic exchanges.

Massive Jetfuel Ad Packs featuring three special packs on a Login Offer with Bonuses:

7 Days Double Surf Ratio - only 7 USD

Plus 1000 Square Banner Impressions

Plus 7 Day Level 1 Upgrade

7 Days Triple Surf Ratio- only 12 USD

Plus 2000 square banner impressions

Plus 7 Day Level 2 Upgrade

7 Days Quadruple Surf Ratio- only 16 USD

Plus 3000 square banner impressions

Plus 7 Day Level 3 Upgrade

This Offer is available on all the TES in The AD Labyrinth Empire. It can be purchased multiple times!

Hold one big surfing extravaganza and rack up enough credits in one week for the entire month. Then post all your favorite sites and offers and let them roll.

NOTE: There are other specials and Surfer Jetfuel Ad Packs available on the sites.

See you in The Ad Labyrinth Empire.

Shonda Ponder

P.S. Buy as Many Packs as you Want! Contact the Admin for special discounts on bulk purchases. Put in a support ticket.

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