Truckers, SOTU and Exercise.

Good Thursday Morning, World!

Today I have to work my last commit with the call center. Then I will not have to worry about honoring commits when I could be working as a courier/taxi driver any more. I will be able to work at home at night when I am done with my day on the road.

I was thankful that I got a trip to Shreveport yesterday. I really needed that extra "boost" financially.

It was great to see all of the people, on the way to Shreveport, who lined up on the bridges to welcome the truck convoy. (Which didn't show as planned, but as long as they are all going to DC, it's okay. We still love them!)

There were cops everywhere who were also making sure everyone stayed safe. We even had Firetrucks lining the bridges!

I made sure to honk every time I went under one. Then, on the way back, I stopped and talked to someone on one of them. I was told that the Cowboy Church was feeding a lot of them, so I went to the Cowboy Church - which was also on my way back - and talked to some folks there for a minute.

Later, I heard that the trucks were a no-show...but as I said: As long as they are not a no-show in DC, I'm good.

How did ya'll like Biden's SOTU speech? It sounded, to me, as if he decided to turn back on what he turned off when he first got into office. What's bad about it is that he is acting like it was all his idea to begin with, depending on the stupidity of the average American to propel his support. And a lot of them will actually be stupid enough to believe it. That's the sad part. But, at least he'll be fixing what he broke when he took office.

I saw signs yesterday on people's property along side the interstate supporting Trump in 2024. Yeah, it's early for all that, but now is a good time to get started. It is certainly going to be interesting.

My pickled eggs are AWESOME. I boiled more last night to add to the batch.

I've also felt a small change since I started exercising when I take the dogs out. It doesn't hurt so bad going up and down the stairs. Except my knees still hurt a little.

Well, time to go to work. I gots to go to the bank!

Have a blessed day!

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