Trip to Hot Springs

Good Evening, World!

Today I started out thinking I would probably have to work until 1 AM in the morning to make my goal of $325, as I said this morning.

I did two Lyft runs right off the bat, because Uber was not pinging.

When Lyft got quiet after about $25 in earnings, I made about $45 more doing Walmart deliveries on the Spark app. I got one $5.00 Uber run just before that. Then, a guy had me pick him up in Leary. He had LOTS of bags.

I explained to him that my liftgate wasn't working, but we could put down the seat and put them back there that way. He was grateful I showed up. He was only going to rent a car, and they were holding a car for him for the next 15 minutes.

We got there, and they informed him that they couldn't hold the car and the place was closed for the day. He said he didn't know what to do, because he had to go to Hot Springs. He could get a motel and wait for his truck, but he'd miss out spending time with his family for that...

ChaCHING...opportunity knocks.

I told him I could edit his drop off location and drop him off in Hot Springs, and that the fare would be around $225, round about. Not much different that renting the car, and he wouldn't have to worry about bringing it back. He said, "You can do that? And you wouldn't mind?"

I explained to him that I live for long distance trips. I am at his service. He made a call and got back into the car. He tipped me $60 on top of the fare after we got there. And, it was a beautiful ride!

I love my job.

And, I got to come back home after over-shooting my goal for the day!

Have a blessed night!

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