Today is the Sabbath

Today is the Sabbath. It is Saturday, and it is set aside for rest.

Yes, I know I took off work yesterday, but, I don't really consider it a day off because I spent the day catching up on paperwork, and working in the stock-exchange (mainly to sell stocks so I won't get behind on my bills).

Yes, some do day-trading for money. I can't do that. I just save it, invest it, hope it grows and if it does, I have money to cushion me on those days that I have to take off work.

I could have gone to work yesterday, but it is a long drive from New Boston to Texarkana. It would have cost me $10 just to get there and back. If it was as slow as the pattern suggested it would be, I probably wouldn't have made more than $30 all day, so it just wasn't worth going to work for.

I'll wait until Monday - when everyone gets paid.

I watched the rest of Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy last night. And, I stayed in bed this morning until staying in bed seemed like work, because it took effort to just lay there, then I got up.

My body is reacting to not having "smoke inhalation", but a little bit of water in the morning clears that up. And, the vaping takes away the nicotine urge. My breath doesn't smell like a dirty ashtray either. I am fighting the urge to go to Walmart to pick up some meal replacement shakes, though.

I forgot to charge my vape last night, so I had to wait until I got out of the tub this morning for my first drag of the day.

I am REALLY looking forward to going back to work on Monday!

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