Today is the Day! WooHOO! (And, Happy Singles Awareness Day)

Hello, World!

Today is the day!

Oh, btw, Happy Singles Awareness day! Now, with that being said, it's just another day for me.

Today I start my LiveOps training. I am so excited!

I have created an office space in my dining room so that the monitors will face the wall - and not my bedroom, where customers can see my messed up bed that I never make up until it is time to go to bed. I am the only one here. I don't ever have company, and if I do, they are not going into my bedroom.

I am still struggling with how I am going to pay my bills while I am in training, because I am not getting paid until I actually start work. Which means, that when training hours are over, I have to go to work. Which means, no playing games this week or watching hours of TV. I won't have time.

But, I can do this.

My dogs need food. I'm going to have to go to the store before I start my training today.

Have a blessed day, and pray for my success!

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