Tithes, Bills and E-trade.

Good morning, World!

Kenny now only has $229 to reach his goal of $875. And, I am nearly caught up on paying my bills. I have sold some stock at E-trade to pay my car payment, and today I have to make at least $150 in order to pay my phone bill and fuel card payment.

Thank God I have gas in my car right now.

But, God has said that He would provide for me and fill my cup to overflowing if I follow His commands and tithing is part of that. So, I'm trusting that I will have what I need today.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to go and have my taxes done. Hopefully, I will be getting a sizeable chunk of money back to replenish all I have taken from my E-trade account, and give me another running start at paying the rest of the month's bills and staying caught up for awhile.

As it stands, I have less than $25 to my name, except for about $200 left in my E-trade account after paying my car payment.

I have necessities that I need that I am unable to buy at this time. But, maybe things will get better in the next few days.

My call center probably would have helped me, some, yesterday. But my headset needs to be replaced because customers are finding it hard to understand me due to static on the line. I have tried everything to fix it and the only thing I can figure is that I need a new headset. I was, however, able to make one sale yesterday.

Today is payday...but I'm only going to get about $40 from Spark because I worked mainly Uber last week.

So, here goes. Praying for a very profitable day, and that my car holds up until I can get an oil change.

Have a blessed day!

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