Tips, Drugs and Net Assets

Hello, World!

I am sorry, but Joe Biden needs to go! The stock market is steadily trickling down. I am still investing 10% of what I earn on a daily basis, but my portfolio is not growing the way it should be. This morning, my net assets dropped by about $50.

That's a lot when you only have about $1500 invested.

I can only hope it starts going back up, soon. I wonder if his own stocks are doing as badly.

However, I still made way over goal last night.

Picked up two guys at a local bar tonight who were going to a motel for the night. They own a pharmacy here in town.

And, they were drunk. LOL. They asked me to stop at the McDonalds on the way so they could get something to eat. So, I did.

After all, I get paid for my time as well as the mileage.

They were funny. I was laughing hard.

Then, when they got to the drive-thru to get their food, they asked the girl if she would like to come work for them.

She looked at them cautiously, and asked them, "Doing what?"

"Selling drugs!" They said.

ROFL...I died laughing...

Then, they did too when they realized how bad it sounded and had to explain to her they own a pharmacy. LOL

They tried to talk me into it, too, saying I could deliver. I told them I was happy driving giving their customers rides to their store. LOL

They tipped me on the app, then tipped me $23 in cash.

Another guy tipped me $40, then turned around and took another ride and tipped me another $40.

I made more in cash tips than I did in fares. LOL

Have a blessed night!

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