The Storm is Finally OVER!

Yesterday and today has been so ... seclusive. Cramped. Boring. I haven't felt this "trapped" in a LONG time. Even quarantine didn't trap me like THIS!

Thank God, though. The North-east Texas winter snowstorm of 2021 is finally over. Now we deal with the residual effects:

Frozen pipes that need to be thawed. Frozen roads. Dishes that need to be washed and toilets that need to be flushed.

And money that needs to be made to pay for the almost week long vacation - one I'd rather have not taken.

I got desperate enough for something besides Ramen Noodles to eat, today, that I took a trip to Taco Bell and got dinner for me and my two disabled housemates. It was a welcomed event by all!

On the way back up the ramp to come into the house, I slipped. Wheelchair ramps are NOT easy to walk in the snow! I broke my reading glasses. The sack of tacos and burritos went flying.

Gary came out and picked up the sack and asked me if I was okay. LOL.

Then, I took a trip to Wal-mart to replace my glasses. Was intending on picking up more water, too, but the shelves were empty.

You would think we were being quarantined again!

The roads are slushy and dangerous, but not impossible to drive on, and a lot of the roads have been cleared on the main highways.

I'm excited! I'm going to work tomorrow!

I told the guys that when I am able to finally go back to work, don't expect me home for a whole three days!

I love that I have a job that I WANT to do!

Speaking of...

A lady called me this morning asking me to come drive her to Walmart in Texarkana. I told her I live in New Boston. On a normal day it would take me 30 minutes to get there. On a day like this, I'll be lucky to get there in 3 hours! I'm not driving on these roads! NOT HAPPENING!

Are people really that selfish? To expect you to risk YOUR life because they don't want to drive? To expect you to deliver because THEY don't want to go to the store? REALLY?

I love my job. I have no problem helping people who can't get out on a normal day. But, I can't help people if I can't get out myself!

Rant over.

I'm going to pass the time and play some Sim City and Fallout:NV. I've already got my paperwork caught up on Quickbooks, and cut up every item of old clothing I had in the house to make rags with for cleaning purposes. I'd have the house cleaned, too, if I had water.

Speaking of which, have you ever tried to melt snow to flush the toilets with? It takes a LOT of snow!!! JS.

Have a blessed day!

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