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Hello, I'm Shonda Ponder. I am a self-employed courier and taxi driver. 

I am a Christian and a Conservative American and native Texan.

My priority is Jesus. My goals are to win souls, to live abundantly and to pay my bills on time, in that order.

I look forward to communicating with you all!

The Shepherd's Call

Yesterday, I made some almond milk for breakfast. Then, I put the remaining almonds that I had left into a plastic zip-lock bag and I left the house to go to work. I filled my car up with gas, then went and spent a dollar to vacuum out my car. It needed it.

I try to vacuum it out once a week, anyway.

The almonds had been soaking in salt water all night. I rinsed them off really well before I used them. They were so much easier to eat. They had just enough crunch left in them to be "nutty" and the taste was awesome!

The milk was good, too. I blended the almonds for several minutes, then used a cheese cloth to drain the liquid. I squeezed the cloth until all that was left was the pulp, and then I scraped the pulp onto plastic wrap to store until I have time later to use it to make almond meal with it for cookies and cakes and whatever else I want to use it for. I put it in the freezer for safe keeping.

Almonds are a good source of protein and fiber, and they have cancer-fighting anti-oxidants in them, and are also a good source for heart health.

The day started out slow. I got a few runs in with Uber, then one $8 Lyft ride to the Airport. Then, I did a couple of "reservation runs".

A reservation run is when someone reserves a ride for a certain time in the future to be picked up so that they can plan ahead for their ride. If you reserve a pick up time, it usually costs more, depending on where you are going.

I went to Walmart to pick up one customer, and I waited and waited. The reservation allowed me to wait 15 minutes for the rider to show up. The rider didn't show, so I called the rider, and all I got was voice mail. So, I texted and got no answer.

By then, the timer was running out. Uber gave me an extra 5 minutes of wait time while charging the rider for the extra wait time. Finally, the app told me it was okay to cancel the ride if I so choose to. I was getting no response from calling and texting, so I canceled the ride, citing that the rider never showed up.

The app paid me $25 for my time.

Yeah, buddy! I could get used to that!

By this time, it was nearly noon. I started work around 6 AM. I had already made over $70 on the Uber app. I was going to be working until nearly dark, using all the daylight hours I had. So, I had plenty of time still to make my goals. If I just made another $70 I'd be okay.

I got an Uber ping to go to the airport to pick up the guy I drove there on the Lyft app. He was going to Dallas. It would be a 3 hour drive.

Come to find out, he was a TDC Corrections officer with the mobile unit. He travelled where he was needed to work. We had conversations on the way about the fact that I, too, had worked for Corrections for about a year. I told him, "At least you know you are still travelling with someone who is trained!"

It was an honor to transport him.

After I dropped him in Dallas and received my pay, I was delighted to learn that I had made $337 for the day. That overshot my goal greatly! I needed that!

The long drive home was a challenge. By the time I made it home, I had been on the road for 14 hours of the day. My eyes started getting heavy, and I was spacing out, struggling not to fall asleep at the wheel. I was happy to go straight home and hit the bed.

I didn't even eat anything or watch any TV shows to wind down. I hit the bed, and was asleep within 10 minutes.

During the day, I got updates about how well Milo and Otis were adjusting to their new home. It did my heart good to know they are getting used to being where they are, and accepting it without much fuss, re-forming attachments with their new owners.

I was able to make some helpful suggestions them that helped Milo and Otis be able to function better in their new environment, which, according to video sent me, had been implemented and worked great!

I woke up at 2:15 AM this morning. It was a little earlier than I wanted to, but at least I got a good nearly 8 hours of rest all the way through. I needed it.

I put chicken in the crock pot for later consumption and less work cooking, and drank my almond milk that was left, after flavoring it with some chocolate.

Today I may eat out. And, I need to go check on Fred and Gary sometime this morning.

Lord, You are the God who sustains and cares for me,

Thank You for such a wonderful day yesterday. I pray that You continue to provide for me the business I need in order to make what I need to pay my bills. I have a really big one due on Monday, and I am struggling to have what I need to pay it, but I know You have this in the palm of Your hand, as You have until now.

Thank You that Milo and Otis are settling nicely into their new home. It does my heart good to know they are going to be okay.

Be with me today as You bring me more opportunity to serve You as best I can with what You give me to do it with.

Be with my children and my lists.

Lead me, guide me, show me the way and make me better today than I was yesterday. Keep me safe and keep my car in good condition as I work.

In Jesus's Holy Name, I pray, Amen!

Isaiah 26:3

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

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