The Ponder Has Moved!

A lot has happened in the past few months.

My work has come to a screeching halt (literally -- I had a wreck in my car!).

I was hit on the driver side by someone who decided to go straight in a turn lane and it has pretty much totaled my car.

Thankfully, I wasn't hurt. I wasn't on any of the apps at the time, so I was not working. And, I didn't get a ticket. It wasn't my fault. But, the insurance company is not wanting to make things right with me so I can replace my transportation. They seem to not even WANT me to have transportation, as it has been 13 days and I still don't even have a rental. I am frustrated.

In the meanwhile, I moved from my home in New Boston to an apartment in Texarkana. Today, I finally got my internet access back. I am ready to go to work...doing SOMETHING.

Have a blessed day!

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