The Mandela Effect? and Fasting.

Hello, World!

Today is the first day of the first month of the work week. I woke up this morning hearing God tell me to fast. To be honest, fasting is something I have never done. However, I am studying the Bible to get a better understanding of the process and the times in which it is called for.

And, since I woke up this morning with the sense that I am supposed to do it (really unsettling...) I am going to do it today.

I will be drinking a lot of water today.

I checked my bank account, and all the money I had in my revolving loan account has disappeared. This is not good, since I was depending on it to make my rent payment. I am hoping it is just a common "glitch" in the banking system, and that it will show back up. The good news is that my balance on the account is as it should be.

I watched "The Martian Chronicles" yesterday. The story line was nothing like I remembered it, yet I know it is the same story by Ray Bradbury I watched when I was younger. Someone told me to look up "The Mandela Effect"; so, I did. And, the explanation satisfied me.

I plan to work a lot today, and over the next week. I plan to get rid of a lot of debt as fast as I can.

Have a blessed day!

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