The Lord's Will be Done, with Protest

Good evening, World!

It is too late for me to go to work driving and expect to make much money. So, I'm going to update my sites and blogs today, and take calls through the call center until around 5 AM, at which time I plan to go to work driving.

I'll be making money all night, just not as much.

Yesterday, I just chilled. I can't do that anymore. But my hours are messed up, and I can't afford to mess up due to being tired.

Also, I am drinking a lot more water. Maybe it will help with my body aches. I took some Tylenol Arthritis last night before bed and it, coupled with the extra water I was taking in, really helped me sleep better. I am definitely going to be changing over to more water.

I have decided to drink tea the first half of the day, and switch to water after the first eight hours are up. That way, I get my morning caffeine, and I am not kept from sleeping for having too much caffeine in my system at bed time.

Plus, yesterday, no matter how thirsty I was, I couldn't quench it. I HAD to switch to water, because tea was killing me. Literally.

Yes, Lord, Your Will be done...but, just so You know, it's with protest.

Okay, time to get this day started.

Have a blessed day...or is it night now? Either way, it's blessed for me!

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