The Cost of doing Business

Today was not a good day.

I woke up early, then remembered that I had to take Gary (one of my housemates) to the store and bank so he could pay his rent to me.

My E-trade money finally settled in my bank account, so I immediately gave an order to pay my rent from my account, because yesterday when the mortgage company tried to deduct it I didn't have enough money in the account to cover it. Later, when it was too late for me to do anything about it, I discovered that the mortgage company made a second attempt, so now my account is minus twice the mortgage payment.

So I had to sell more of my stocks, and I couldn't pay my lot rent today.

I uploaded all of my documents into the UberX app, and the app kept rejecting my insurance because it is set to expire on the 9th. So while I was out with Gary, I dropped by the insurance agency and had them print me a card with the new expiration date so I could upload that. The Uber app rejected that because the 9th has not arrived yet. So I called the support line and was told I would have to photo BOTH cards together and upload that picture into the app so they could see that I would have coverage continuously and there is not a gap between cards. I did so. Now I have to wait until they approve it.

I am still waiting for my LYFT background check to clear.

In the meanwhile, the only app I had that I could work with today after 3 PM when I got Gary home and the groceries unloaded was WAITr and Postmates.

I turned them both on, but Postmates did not send me any orders and I only made about $50 with the WAITr app before I gave up and called it a night.

I vacuumed and washed my car last night, but it doesn't look like it today.

I printed out some business cards to hand to customers when I finally get the UberX and LYFT working properly.

And, my google adsense ads are finallly working properly on my website.

I am tired from being stressed today over all this. I'm fixing to go shoot some bad guys on the FALLOUT: NV game. And, I am not happy that I will have to work this weekend to make up for the loss of money from having to wait for my apps to update with the new info.

Like I told Gary today, "It takes money to make money. I might be bringing in a lot, but when you figure the cost of doing business, I am still struggling."

Have a blessed day!

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