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Tea Bags, Headsets and the State Police

Good evening, World!

Milo woke me up after my 8-hour nap because he thought it was time and he needed to go out. I should have never rolled over...LOL

I have been trying to find someone who sells tea by the half gallon. I have checked all the KFCs...and they are out of the half-gallon containers. Popeye's only sells the gallon-sized.

I want the bag so I can fill it with water and carry it with me to drink. The bag fits better in my ice chest during the summer months than the plastic jug does; but, I may have no choice.

I also need a new headset for the call center. Seems I can hear them okay, but for some reason they say I am fading in and out and breaking up. Does anyone know how I can fix that without buying a new headset? I've tried everything I know. I've even cleared my cookies and caches. I've wiggled the USB connect. I've turned the volume up and down. What else can I try?

Tonight, I'm taking a small break from the call center until I can fix that. I'll be turning on Uber and working it until tomorrow afternoon.

Mom is having a fish fry this weekend. I'm debating whether or not to take my clothes to her house to wash them. Mom told me I could, but I have to bring my own laundry detergent. (As if I wasn't going to do that to begin with...LOL).

Yesterday, I made $150. It was drizzling, wet and cold outside. Most of the Uber Drivers decided they didn't want to drive; and, a lot of customers decided they didn't want to walk. So, I stayed on as long as I could. When I signed off, there were two Uber drivers still working, so I didn't feel bad about signing off.

I was on a run yesterday and got pulled over by the state police on Arkansas-side. I had missed my turn, found a safe place to turn around, and just made the turn when he pulled me over. He said I pulled out in front of a car too fast, making the other car have to "slow down" and I shouldn't have done that.

When he took my papers to go run a check, my passenger said, "That's a load of crap. You had PLENTY of room to get back on the road. BooHOO, someone had to slow down. That is what they were SUPPOSED to do!"

I agreed.

The policeman let me go, telling me to be more careful. I told him I would; but, it was still irritating.

Well, time to get this ball rolling.

Have a blessed night!

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