Taxes and Loans

Good morning, World!

This morning I paid a little bit to the IRS toward my taxes, and then I paid my Mariner Finance Loan payment. I still owe about $1400 on it.

My next bill due is my weekly Fuel card bill. I pay $125/week on it, whether I use all of it or not. I am trying to pay the card off, and lately that goal is getting easier! And, if I don't have the whole $125, I can do it like I do my taxes and pay what I can. It keeps it going down...down...down and I have the money for fuel and car upkeep when I need it.

So, today, my goal is to make $125.

I really like having money in savings to use in case I can't make my goals. It makes being versatile about how I make my money a lot easier!

Ya'll have a blessed day!

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