Sweet Potato Cakes, Dogs, and the Fair

Hello, World!

I got my tax refund money on my Emerald Card, but I forgot the pin number. LOL. So, I couldn't get the money off my card today because I tried too many times. I think I have it figured out, though. I'll try again tomorrow.

I mean, really, I only use that card once a year.

I fried some sweet potato cakes tonight for supper.

I found out that my dogs absolutely love sweet potatoes! So much so, that I had to look it up online to see if it was safe for dogs to eat before I let them have a small bowl for themselves. They begged for it so pathetically! They are the fattest chihuahuas I know, and they act like they don't get anything to eat!

I went and refilled Milo's medicine today, too. I only give it to him if he goes out to potty, and I see that he can't get up the steps without help. Most of the time he does good, but on days he sits down and looks at me with eyes that say, "I just can't..." I give him some of his medicine. It helps him feel much better. The doctor doesn't want me to give it to him everyday because it is steroid and will cause him to gain more weight. I just can't bear to watch my baby in pain.

I stayed wide awake until about 7 this morning; so, I slept until around 3:30 PM. Uber was extremely slow until everyone but me and one other driver was left out on roads, because the others gave up. I made nearly $100 today.

I suspect the reason business is so slow is because it is Fair Week. Business always slows down during Fair Week. That is one thing I remember from my server and cook days. Not to mention it rains all week. LOL

I'm doing really well in the call center, though. It's still just pennies, ($10-$20/day) but it is something to use for "cushion money".

I'm still watching episodes of "West Wing".

Ya'll have a blessed night.

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