Sunday Morning Coming Down

Today I need to spend time with Jesus, clean my home, wash my clothes, cook some fish and get ready to go to work tomorrow.

Last night I watched Grey's Anatomy to pass the time, since I can't work on the Sabbath, until I couldn't hold my eyes open anymore. I am on Season 5 Episode 5 now. LOL

All of my friends who are investing during these "troubled times" are focusing on silver and gold. Folks, Silver and Gold is not what is going to save you if the SHTF.

As for me, I'm investing in practical things I will need. Camping gear, Fishing equipment, Hunting equipment, backpacks, MRE's. I do not hoard toilet paper. Toilet paper will run out. Instead, I cut up and put back old clothes for rags. I invest in cleaning supplies, first aid stuff. Canning supplies. Stuff that I will need in hard times.

Be smart, people. Hard times are coming.

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