Stupid Inflation

Hello, World!

I just realized that it has been nearly a week since I last posted here.

I started doing this blog because I enjoyed it, but then, after a while, it felt like a chore. It's just so much easier opening FB and posting as I go on my phone. Here, I have to access the web site. I can't do that on my phone.

Or, maybe I just don't know how, and what I do know is too much work. I refuse to work hard to enjoy myself, when I should be able to do that without working much at all.

Anyway, I'm here.

I've been focusing more on Uber lately because my hours are out of whack again. It doesn't do much for my pocket book, but I am well rested.

My net assets on E-trade have grown.

Gas is sky-high and it is eating into my profits and bill money. I am certainly not happy about that. AT ALL.

Business is down because of inflation on top of that.

I am still surviving, though. BARELY.

I still have my stock money to work with in emergencies, though. That's a plus.

Working for yourself is like saying, "Hey, God? Help me just make this next bill before it's due, okay? Thanks!"

I'm starting to feel swole up again, and I am gaining weight, still. I can feel it. Of course, I've been eating out every day again. I can't afford to buy enough groceries to last me for a month like I used to. Stupid Inflation.

But, I am sleeping better. I am still taking my meds.

Have a blessed day.

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