Hello, World!

Well, I was going to order some more stuff I need from Walmart, but the site is not working right.

I slept late this morning because I stayed up late last night. I was downloading all my fallout games onto the computer, and watching Stargate SG-1 (again) and Westwing.

I tried not to think about "what if"s and "why comes". That's too stressful, but sometimes it leaks through, so I try to stay busy to lessen the stress factor, because my body never has been able to handle stress. That is why my current job is a blessing. It isn't stressful at ALL unless I get a rude passenger (which has only happened twice, and I dealt with it accordingly), or my car is not running.

Also, I hear that Lupus flares are brought on by stress. Could it be that my recent move and the wreck caused my body to react, and that is why I have been "feeling it" so acutely in the past month or two?

It is also a major reason for me not to get into a relationship. I don't know that I could handle the stress.

Well, time to go to work.

Have a blessed day!

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