Stools, Water Heaters, Car Payment, SSDI for Lupus and Milo

Good morning, World!

I tried to clean my microwave last night and couldn't reach as high as I needed to, in order to clean the back and top of it. I definitely need a step stool. But, I improvised. I got a toolbox.

My water heater went out on me yesterday. Apparently, it caused the ceiling to swell downstairs, so they called maintenance, who called the landlord because of my dogs. They had to find out where the leak was.

I had only made $40 at that time. I came straight home to keep the dogs out of their way. I told the landlord that the dogs were in the bathroom, so when I got home, maintenance was already in my apartment, pulling out the water heater.

It took them several hours to finish up, and it was dark by the time they were through, so I chose not to go back to work.

I still have to make $195 before January 22, in order to pay my car payment. It will take some driving, but I can do it. I had a former boss tell someone, at one time, how "Shonda always goes into overdrive when she is under pressure. That's when she does her best work!"

I guess it is true, but I prefer not to have to. LOL

And, I've been thinking about whether or not I should pursue SSDI when I get my Lupus stuff organized and start treatments. I have decided I want to work as long as I am able to, because if God didn't want me to, He wouldn't give me the ability to. But, I like the idea of being prepared for the worst, so I'm going to look into it. I would hate to have to wait three years to get something I need when I do need it that bad! I am going to see what it is going to take to get approved, how much it will pay me when I need it, and how much I will be allowed to work once I am on it without affecting the payment, and if I earn more, will it cancel it or stall it?

Milo is doing well. We are reducing his meds. Today he doesn't get one. We'll give him another one tomorrow and see how he does.

I plan on focusing on work today.

Have a blessed day!

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