Some Days are Diamonds...

Today I sat from noon until about 4 PM doing NOTHING but twiddling my thumbs. I kept checking my apps to see if they were working. It was an UNUSUALLY slow day!

But, then, around 4:30 PM I finally got a ping from WAITr. After that, WAITr kept me running until 7:30 PM before it stopped again. I ended up making $55 in just 3 1/2 hours.

Somedays are diamonds, some days are stone.

Had I had the UBER and LYFT apps working, I might have done twice that at least, or more. Still waiting for my background checks to go through for those.

I did do one Postmates delivery today. There was nothing available for Spark and Roadie, I kept checking. Yep, it was SLOW. Scary slow.

I came home and Gary had some BBQ boneless chicken breasts waiting for me. (YUM!)

Ya'll have a blessed day!

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