Snausages and Chew-bones.

Hello, World!

Today, I did one Lyft run, then I did two Walmart/Spark deliveries. Then, I did an Uber Eats order. After that, I got a couple of Uber pings.

Yeah, it was a REALLY slow day; BUT, God...

Yes, But God...

I got an Uber run. When I went to pick them up, they were going to Ashdown. I thought it was a good run, and I still had plenty of time to make goal after that, so I took it. When I got there, they asked me if I could stop off at a few places along the way, and could I bring them home (round trip). That doubled the price of the ride, plus paid me some wait times in between.

By the time I got home, I hit goal, and then some!

I went and bought a taco box, then stopped by the Dollar General and picked up some treats for the baby-dogs.

I told them I brought them something as I was putting their leashes on. They were so excited that they went outside and did their business and was ready to come in in record time! No one can tell me they don't understand what I tell them!

I gave them each a snausage treat, then a chew bone each. Neither will let theirs out of their sight right now. LOL

I watch them with their treats and how happy they are, and I hear God tell me, "Hey, you...the way you are feeling right now watching them? That's how I feel when I send you a blessing."



Have a blessed night! (Watching them tells me how blessed I am!)

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