Settled and Unsettled

Good morning, World!

All of my money hasn't settled into my account yet, but some of it has, and my dental bill automatically drafted from my account. My phone bill is next...and my fuel card bill. And I still have to pay my car payment by Thursday.

I have to get an oil change too. I can't wait on that and chance something going wrong with my car, because without my car I am not going to be able to make a living.

Sigh...I still have money in my e-trade account. I am trying real hard not to draw it out...but here goes...

I slept a little later today and then cooked myself some hamburger helper for breakfast. (I am tired of boiled and pickled eggs...LOL).

I need to eat so I am not tempted to spend my money eating fast food. I realize what I am eating is not healthy, either, but it is cheaper. LOL

The dogs are whining when I put them in the bathroom. They miss their momma...It's so pitiful...

Well, I have a lot of money I need to make today, so I better get at it.

Have a blessed day!

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