See You Later Alligator

Today, I left the house at noon. I was hoping to wake up early this morning and make it to a food distribution event to get some stuff to help the guys out this month, but I didn't. As soon as I was backing out of the driveway to go to work, my mom called. She said she had gone

and had gotten so much stuff that she wanted to know if I wanted some of it.

She always goes for other family members who can't make it, and usually it's more than they can eat. She keeps what they don't want and if it is too much, she calls me.

Today was a BLESSING! I think we have enough chicken to last the whole month now! Cabbage and Sweet Potatoes, too! And Onions!

But, when I was done transporting the food back to the house, it was nearly 2 PM before I was able to start work.

I did a couple of Lyft runs and got tipped pretty well. I had been craving the taste of alligator for awhile, and I recently found out that Walk-On's Sports Bistreoux has it on their menu. I headed there to cure my craving.

But, they were out.

I decided not to eat there because the food was so expensive, and they didn't have what I was wanting today. I'd save it for another day.

I went to the Juicy Seafood, but they haven't opened their doors to the public yet. But they did give me a menu!

A friend of mine suggested I try The Mighty Crab, who might have gator. I went there, and they didn't have it on their menu. I looked all over!

At this point, I was tired of hunting for a good place to eat, so I settled for the Fried Oyster basket at The Mighty Crab. It was good, but not what I wanted.

Then, I went back to work until 10 PM.

I had got a late start, so I wasn't expecting to make much. I was happy when I hit $100 and decided to call it a night.

It was a very blessed day, in spite of the fact I never got my gator!

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