Yesterday I posted this on Facebook:

$689 is a BIG amount of money to pay on a car note come Saturday. After that, I'll be back down to $189 every two weeks again for another 5 payments. But, I can't lose my car! And, I got mortgage, car insurance, Lot rent and my website, dental, vision and medical bill payment all due by the end of this week.

So yeah, I am PANICKING...but I know my God.

It's all going to work out...


God is fixing to turn the mere $254 I have in the bank into the $1,363 I need by the end of the week!

I would have to make $277/day and not eat or buy gas for my car in order to do it. I don't see that happening. I barely made $100 today!

I have nothing on back up, so HE HAS TO!

God, I have faith in You! Jesus said that if I have faith even as small as a mustard seed, I can move a mountain. This is a BIG mountain right in front of me! So, I'm counting on YOU, Lord!

I will do my part (the best I can do with what You have given me to do it with!) and I need YOU to pick up the slack (or, my lack, however You want to look at it...)

In JESUS's HOLY NAME I am praying, Lord! AMEN

Today, this:

I received an email 2 weeks ago telling me that on March 6th I owed the first installment of my down payment bill. I pay $189 every two weeks and then on every fifth payment, I pay an extra $500.

I lost 4 days of work due to the weather. So everything I would have made towards that I cannot make. On top of that I had to pull all my money out of E-Trade in order to pay my bills for the 4 days that I was out of work.

Which is why I only have 254 in my bank account this morning and I owe as much as I do by the end of the week. I was $50 shy this morning for mortgage payment.

I just went to Car-Mart to get a copy of my payment schedule because I lost my payment schedule.

When I looked at it it said that my first installment is due on March 20th. the Car-Mart made the mistake of telling me it was March 6th, or it was a mistake on the schedule one. I asked them. They said if that is what the schedule says that is what it is. On top of that, I was short about $50 today after my payment from yesterday goes through the bank today to pay my bills that are due today. I have my car insurance but I don't have all of my mortgage.

The WAITr app said that I had $50 that I had not transferred to my bank account after I transferred the 66 I made yesterday. So I transferred that. I'm thinking that's $50 I didn't know I had maybe they are giving me a bonus for working so hard.

Come to find out it was a glitch and since I already transferred it to my bank account I now owe it to waitr. Which I don't mind at all!

Had it not been for that glitch, my house payment would have been late!

Now, tell me, was that not God? All of it?

My daddy owns the world!

I have a big awesome powerful beautiful wonderful God who hears and answers prayers of those who love Him!

I won't lie to you though, after all this happened this afternoon, I sat down and bawled like a baby! I was so relieved! God knew how stressed I was!

I still have to pay it, but coming up with the money is going to be so much easier now! I've already got the biggest bills of this month's paid!

I went to Sonic today to celebrate. Then I had to pick a lady up to take her to Walmart. I had the heater in my car on for a few minutes before I picked her up because I had cookie dough blast (ice cream) and I was cold. LOL

When she got into the car she asked if she could roll the window down because she was warm. I apologized to her about the warmth, and explained that I had been out celebrating with ice cream.

She wanted to know what I was celebrating.

I testified about the last couple of days and how God came through!

She said, "WOW! THAT's INSPIRING!" Then, she said, "It's funny, though, how He didn't just give you the money...He gave you TIME instead..."

I said, "My daddy won't give me my allowance unless I do my chores first."

She loved that analogy.


I came home early tonight and found out that Ginger, Fred's two-year-old cat that we nursed back to health as a kitten, has died. Fred was upset. They buried her out behind the shed. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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