Sabbath Day of Charity

Hello, World!

Today is the Sabbath. But, I am going to work today to help a friend with funding in order to pay for his chemotherapy.

I slept late; because, after all, it IS Saturday! LOL

I don't plan on pushing myself too hard today. When I get tired, I'll come home. Something is better than nothing. I am praying for a whole lot!

I only allow myself a budget of $10 a day to spend on necessities and groceries. If I go over that budge, I have to wait until I can spend it again. I can't go back to the store until Tuesday, and I have a growing list of groceries and necessities I need.

Also, the first $40 I make today is going toward gas. Sorry, Kenny, but without gas I can't make anything.

My credit account that was messed up the other day is still on hold, waiting for the bank to return the funds. It won't even let me change the information in it until the funds are returned.

I really need to clean my apartment. It can wait...

I turned on the call center last night and only got one I gave up on that and watched Stargate SG-1. Maybe it will be better tonight.

Have a blessed day, and Happy Sabbath!

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