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Hello, I'm Shonda Ponder. I am a self-employed courier and taxi driver. 

I am a Christian and a Conservative American and native Texan.

My priority is Jesus. My goals are to win souls, to live abundantly and to pay my bills on time, in that order.

I look forward to communicating with you all!


Yesterday was a very slow night. I barely made over $100, because I couldn't do anything but Uber, and it was Tuesday night, the slowest night of the week.

At 6 AM this morning, I had a reservation trip that paid me $30, after which I headed to the Food Distribution to get some food for my apartment. When I got home, I cooked some Chicken and Dumplings to last a few days, ate, then went to bed around 1:30 PM.

Yesterday I got into it with my neighbors because when I woke up, I found a note on my door with my picture on it reprimanding me for letting the dogs pee in the neighbor's plants, from the neighbor downstairs.

My dogs don't do that. I make sure of it after I moved in and got a friendly letter from the neighbor. This, however, was not friendly and it irritated me, so I went and knocked on their door and told them that I was tired of my dogs being blamed for everything and that if they had a problem with dogs peeing in their plants, perhaps they should put their plants inside their home.

We got into a shouting match. The other neighbors were watching. Her husband got in my face, so I got right back into his and told him to back off out of my face.

I wrote a letter to the office voicing my displeasure over the whole thing, saying I did not appreciate the harassment I was receiving from my neighbors. Then, I got in touch with some people who had kept my dogs in the past, and asked them to take them again.

I knew, at this point, I am likely to be kicked out of the apartment real soon, so it is time to find them a home and move on.

This morning, I received a phone call from the apartment manager, at which point I told her the whole story of what had transpired and voiced my displeasure. I informed her that my dogs were leaving on Friday so the problem would be fixed, but I did not know if I wanted to renew my lease in the future yet.

She said that she was going to speak with the neighbors about the situation as well.

I woke up once, about 5 PM because it was thundering and the dogs wouldn't let me sleep. I ate some more chicken and dumplings, put away all the food I had got earlier (which wasn't much, except a WHOLE LOT OF CHICKEN). I was thankful for all of it!

I went back to bed and slept until 10:30 PM.

I got my eight hours in, and my hours are rotating nicely. I should be able to work some daylight hours this shift.

Lord of my Everything,

Thank You for providing food for me to eat, clothes for me to wear, a roof over my head and safety for my dogs and myself, and the ability to go to work to do what You have called me to do.

I pray that You are with me in my grief as my dogs go to a new home, again, and I thank You that I know they will be safe and loved where they are going.

I pray that this begins a new chapter in our relationship that brings me closer to You.

Be with my children and my lists. Make me better than I was yesterday. Teach me to forgive and love as You do. Forgive me for losing my temper and patience yesterday. I pray that the neighbors get mercy and guidance from You. I know You are my vengeance, either way. Lead me, guide me, show me the way.

In Jesus's Holy Name, I pray, Amen.

Exodus 23:22

“But if thou shalt indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries.”

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