On September 3rd, I finally went into the hospital because I could not get the pain in my gallbladder under control. I was diagnosed with an infected gallbladder, a cyst on my liver, and a blood clot in the vein that connects my stomach to my liver. I also had gallstones lodged in ducts surrounding my gallbladder that were massive.

So, after about 3 days of testing and procedures to try to remove some of the stones, they finally did surgery on me. They had to cut me open with a knife from my chest cavity to my belly button.

I am now at home, after an eleven day stay at the hospital, recuperating. The doctor said it may take a couple of months.

In the meanwhile, I've been working diligently to try to keep my job through all this, so I will have something to go back to when it is over. I have short term disability insurance, so I am taking advantage of that so I can make my house payments and not lose that, as well.

It's been stressful, but God is my provider, my redeemer, and the Great Physician who allows the healing to take place. I refuse to believe that He has brought me so far just to have it all fall apart now.

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