Preachin', Teachin', and Deliverin'

Today was an AWESOME day!

I woke up at 6:50 AM, and instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, I got up and got dressed and ready to go to work. I left the house at 9:00 A.M.

I didn't realize there were so many deliveries to do before noon!

Then, there was a "down-time", where deliveries seemed to stop for awhile.

If something good happens to me, I want EVERYONE to have it. And, I remember where I came from. I remember being homeless and broke. I decided to go to Randy Sam's Homeless Shelter and see if there was anyone there who had a car, a phone, and needed to work. I was going to help them sign up with Uber.

When I got there, the lady at the desk and I talked for a few moments. She gladly took my name and number, but said that no one was allowed in or out until they knew it was okay, due to a COVID-19 exposure in the shelter.

So, I drove back to State Line, to go to my usual "waiting" spot, and when I got to Arkansas Boulevard, I saw these preachers on the street corner witnessing! I had to go support them with all the exposure I could. I turned on my camera and went to meet them.

One of them was preaching through a microphone, and the other was ministering to a lady in need.

I found out they were from Macedonia Baptist Church. I encouraged them and blessed them.

Then, I went back to work.

The orders came in steady all day. Then, about 3:30 PM, WAITr sent a request for me to take a "time block" between the hours of 7:30 PM and 10 PM. They said I would earn $1 more for every delivery I did between those hours if I agreed. So I did.

Since I can only drive 12 hours a day on the app, I decided to take an hour off and go get something to eat. I decided to try Big Jake's BBQ, since I never ate there before, and got the #3 plate with sliced beef, smoked sausage, a loaded baked potato and free dine-in pinto beans and some jalapeno peppers, Texas toast and BBQ sauce! It was DELICIOUS.

After I got full, I went back to work.

My last delivery was to pick up an order at Walk-on's Sports Bistreaux. When I got there, the cashier was on the phone with the customer I was picking up the order for. She explained that they were out of something the customer wanted and had called the customer to see if they could substitute the item.

As I waited for the order to be prepared, I texted the customer and told them that I had arrived at the restaurant while they were still talking to the cashier on the phone, and that I was now waiting for their order to be ready, and that I would be on my way as soon as it was.

As soon as the order was ready and I was in my car, I texted the customer again and told them I was on my way.

When I got to their home, there were no numbers on the houses, so I was assuming I was at the right house. I texted the customer and said, "Is this your house with all the cars in front of it? I'm fixing to knock on your door."

The door opened and I got out of the car with the bags, and said, "I assume that is a yes!" and we laughed. He gave me a $10 cash tip. WooHOO!

I ended up running $108 worth of deliveries (including that last tip) on just the WAITr app tonight.

I hope tomorrow is just as great!

Have a blessed night!

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