Plan B is Working Out

Hello, World!

Now that the COVID-19 scare has about died down, a lot of people are trying to go back to work. Those who are unemployed due to businesses shutting down are turning, as I did, to the Gig Economy for relief.

Therefore, there are too many drivers on the road for me to make as much money as I did last year. Right now, I am only making about half of what I made last year on a daily basis.

That is not good.

So, I am focusing more on building up my business as an online call center agent. A lot of people don't have computers, and a lot of people don't know how to use a computer like I do, so this "gig" is unlikely to fold for me any time soon.

I am still working as a driver/delivery person, but not to the extent I was.

With my sleep patterns out of whack, I have been staying up nights in the call center, until a few hours before I go to bed, at which time I play in my E-trade account.

Today, from midnight until now, so far, I've made $60, and I haven't even left the house!

That is just the Call Center and E-trade. Yeah, I'm having a good day, so far.

Have a blessed day!

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