Paying Bills

Good morning, World!

I woke up earlier than usual today. I will start work no later than 1:00 PM today. I have to go to the insurance agency and get a copy of my insurance to upload onto the Uber App so they don't de-activate me, if it isn't in the mailbox this morning.

Uber can be annoying when it comes to stuff like that. They have been sending me a warning to upload my new card by the 10th for the last two weeks. It isn't due until today.

I made $130 yesterday. That was nearly $30 over goal. I will need it. Today I paid on my Capital Credit card so I can order more groceries. I paid the extra money I made yesterday on it as well. The purpose is to pay it down. Extra is good.

My side does feel better, and I am also starting to sleep a little better - that is, when I can finally fall asleep.

I found out that I don't have to downgrade my computer from Windows 11 to Windows 10 unless the company that I am going through the certification process with at LiveOps has programs that are not compatible with it. They will let me know if that is the case. So, I am good to go.

Today is payday. WooHOO!

It's hard to believe that half the month has gone by already!

I only have to make $496 more to make all of next week's bills.

Have a blessed day!

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