On The Border

Yesterday, I downloaded the Uber rider app; because it will show you how many drivers are in my area. I saw SEVEN Uber drivers out!

I knew I wasn't going to make any money in Texarkana, so I decided to drive the hour or so to Shreveport. I was hoping to do rideshare there, too.

When I got there, my rideshare option disappeared on my app. So, I called Uber Support. They informed me that, while I can deliver anywhere, my ridesharing privileges are only allowed in Texas and Arkansas.


I drove all the way to Shreveport only to make what I would have made had I stayed in Texarkana -- after the gas for the trip is figured in.

Today, all I saw was me on the app. Doesn't mean others weren't there. Just means they weren't there when I was looking. I made $160 today doing WAITr, Ubereats, and UberX.

I had to cancel 3 different orders today because when I got there, the restaurant didn't even have the order. When they did get the order it was excessive wait time. Time is money. The third order I had to cancel for the restaurant not getting the order, I called Uber Support. They paid me $4 for wasting my time. But, I voiced my frustration that this happened a LOT today, and if I reported every time it happened, I would be accused of Fraud for getting paid! But if I DON'T report it, my "acceptance" rate goes down and my opportunity goes down with it!

Catch 22.

My last delivery was going to pay me over $12 for delivering. I picked it up at On The Border. As I was leaving the parking lot, the customer messaged me:

"I am going to have to cancel so I can take a family member to the hospital. What do I do about this situation?"

I told her to go ahead and take her family member to the hospital, and I would call Uber Support and get it taken care of on my end.

I called the support line and was told, "We are sorry the customer cancelled on you. Go ahead and click on (the buttons) and cancel the order and we will pay you the base amount anyway for wasting your time, (Almost $8.00) and since you already have the order, then it is on you to dispose of it in a safe way.".

Couldn't think of a safer way than to eat it...LOL

I decided $160 was not a bad day, and that that last frustration was enough and it was time to go home.

Fred got Sopapillas with honey and butter, and Chips and salsa to snack on. I got some delicious grilled chicken dinner with roasted veggies and yummy rice and the chicken was covered in what tasted like velveeta queso.

Oh, and a DELICIOUS brownie with chocolate syrup!

Made bank AND got FREE dinner!

Have a blessed day! (MINE WAS!)

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