Good evening, World!

I didn't work much today because I had to reschedule Milo's appointment to later in the afternoon, and didn't want to chance being called for an out of town run before I got to take him. He is hurting. I can tell.

I took him to the clinic and the doctor said he had bone spurs in his back. We are treating him with steroids for 10 days, then the doctor will see him again to see if it is helping. If so, we may switch to a non-steroid treatment.

Bone spurs! OH MY! POOR BABY! I KNOW he is hurting NOW! I'm glad I took him today.

Then, I went to work. I had just finished my second run when I got a call from a friend who is thinking about doing his own podcast and was asking for advice on what web site provider to use.

Then my doctor called. She said the test came back with very high indicators of Lupus. She is referring me to a rheumatologist.

Yes, I'm doing a lot of research. And, it DOES explain to me why I have just not felt "right" for so long.

The other day I went to the doctor and the nurse was checking my blood pressure, heart rate and breathing and said they all looked really good. I told her, "It is amazing to me how you all keep saying everything is so good, but I feel so bad." I explained to her how my bones hurt and I just felt "blah" and I have such trouble breathing after anything strenuous...even when it is just walking up the stairs to my apartment!

The doctor said she wanted to test for lupus or something like it, due to indicators in all the tests we did that point in that direction. So I did one more lab test.

And today she said yes, it most certainly is Lupus.

Ya'll know me. I don't go to the doctor unless I am dying. I got insurance last year and decided it was time to get checked out and make sure because I knew that something was slowly changing in me, and running me down. I needed to know what. I'm glad I pushed for all the tests possible instead of stopping just because the Doctor said I was healthy.

And, I am NOT a hypochondriac. I work even when I am SICK. I don't believe in letting a little "feel bad" stop me. But, I do feel bad, and I needed to know WHY. I needed to be sure it wasn't just AGE.

Now I have confirmation that it wasn't in my head.

Pray for me!

Have a blessed night!

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