No Alarm Job

Good morning, World!

Yesterday, I was telling a passenger (who asked if I liked driving for Uber) that I loved Uber, but if Uber was all I did, I couldn't pay all my bills right now. Too many drivers.

Then we talked about all my other lines of income, including Call Center Agent.

She asked me why I didn't go to work for some place like Amazon, which, she heard, pays real well.

I told her that I don't want to go to work for another company. I don't want to have to live by an alarm clock, showing up when THEY want me to, leaving when THEY are done with me. It sounds too much like slavery. It feels that way, too.

I enjoy what I do the way things are. I get to do what I want, when I want, how long I need to, and I have full control and freedom, and I get paid - probably - as much, if not more than any company would offer me.

I am available for God to use me as He sees fit this way.

I have failed using the alarm clock, miserably. I'm just going back to the way things were.

Have a blessed day!

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