My Freedom VS Yours

Hello, World!

As I get older, I am more inclined to think about what "freedom" means. As I watch the fallout related to Elon Musk buying Twitter, it has become plain to me that "Freedom" means having a choice.

I may not like the idea that some dude is on there bad-mouthing my government. I have a CHOICE as to whether or not I want to hear it. It is called a "BLOCK" button.

However, I do NOT have the right to keep YOU from hearing that garbage. That is YOUR choice. And, what Twitter and Facebook have done is remove MY right to decide for MYSELF what is and what is not garbage.

The government has NO RIGHT to restrict MY FREEDOM to choice by taking away my choices. They had NO RIGHT to block Donald Trump from any Platform. He had EVERY RIGHT to say whatever he wanted to say and I had a RIGHT to block him from my own view if I didn't want to hear it.

THAT IS FREEDOM. And, THAT is the ONLY way we are going to protect FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

If you don't like the show or the channel, turn it off. If you don't like the business and who they support and what they sell, don't buy anything from them. THAT IS YOUR CHOICE!

Well, it is time for me to get my day started.

I praise God that I have the FREEDOM to do so!

Have a blessed day!

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