My Day is Shot

I made a whole $8.50 today. The only thing I worked was Door Dash for about an hour.

Before I left the house today, I got an email saying my health insurance had been terminated. I had to call the marketplace to find out why. Apparently there is a mix up with me changing my policy, so I was told to call back on Thursday because they were doing some inquiries about it.

Then, I went to the library to print out my renter's insurance paperwork that Geico is requesting that I sign and return to them.

Then, I went and got gas for the car.

Then, I went to the bank, got a money order and went and paid my rent. I had to take some of the money out of my Reli (revolving) loan account to do that. But, I will replace it.

While I was at the leasing office, I provided the landlord with a copy of my insurance policy for my records. She said, "Look at YOU go! Very good!" I take it that most tenants don't have it.

I had to go to the Vapor Shop after that to get some vape pods. It only cost me $16 for the pods and $30 for the juice. Better than paying $250 a month for cigarettes, or even $100 for rolling my own cigarettes. Even if I got a new vape every month, it would be cheaper.

I did some Door Dash, then I got a notification from Walmart that my groceries were on the way. So, I came home.

I think I'll just stay home the rest of the night. Today is shot anyway. I got my Dental Insurance stuff in the mail, and I need to go online and make a payment there, too.

I received my sewing kit with my grocery order from Walmart, so I went to my pile of clothes that needed mending and sewed up all my pants that had tears in them, so I can wear them again. It's better than buying new clothes right now.

Have a blessed rest of the evening.

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