Milo Likes Caesar Salad

Good Evening, World!

This morning, I got up early. I gave Milo his medicine and took the dogs out for a walk. I ate breakfast, then turned on the apps.

I spent all day going to give someone a ride, then coming home and sitting around for about 15 or 20 minutes until the next ping. I made about $125 just working Uber like that all day.

I also got my exercise going up and down the stairs to my apartment. I figure it was good exercise.

I just turned the apps off. The dogs have been outside for their evening business. Milo has had his second dose of medication for the day. And, I fixed me some bacon Caesar salad for dinner. YUM.

Milo is feeling a LOT better. He still struggles a LITTLE bit going up the stairs, but his speed has way improved. And, he's eating. He's hungry. He even got a bite of my Caesar salad AND CAME BACK FOR MORE! (NO. MAMA'S). I am glad he feels better. It makes me happy.

I'm still waiting for the doctor to call me about the Rheumatologist appointment. In the meantime, I am going to continue as I have been.

I invested in Renter's insurance through Geico today. Just $12/month. But, it pretty much guarantees I'll get most of my deposit back.

Ya'll have a blessed night!

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