Making Headway

I finally got my insurance taken care of. Tomorrow, I have to call the doctor's office to get it straightened out there.

Yesterday, I made goal, then came home and fixed me a sliced ham dinner with jello, cottage cheese and almond milk and a piece of dark chocolate for desert. My attempt to eat healthier.

Baby steps.

I have been feeling better since I started taking all my supplements regularly: Woman's One a Day, Fish Oil, Fiber, Turmeric Curcumin, Vinegar pill, Vitamin D3.

I also bought some Tylenol Arthritis to help with the pain, and have been soaking in Epsom salt, but I can't do that every day. It fogs my brain.

I will be adding more supplements as I can afford to.

As far as my freezer is concerned, I'm putting it on my "Things I'm asking God For" list and if God wants me to have one, I'll get one eventually.

That is how the list works. I get everything I ask for, eventually...most of the time. If I don't, I figure it is because God doesn't think I need it.

My E-trade account is growing. My net assets keep growing steadily.

Have a blessed day!

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