Making Bank!


I woke up this morning and grabbed my clothes and toiletries and went to my mother's to shower, because we still don't have water. It is still frozen. But, I have to work.

I had to get gas, but all the gas stations were out of gas! However, Circle K had premium gas. I wasn't sure if it would hurt to use that, so I asked my step-dad. He said it would be okay, so I filled my take to 3/4 full, then went to mom's.

As soon as I left there, I went to the vape shop to get a vape refill for my vape. It's the first one I've bought in over three weeks, since I bought the vape and switched from smoking to vaping. It cost me $22 for the refill. I like that a WHOLE lot better than paying $5 a day to smoke! (or more). Not to mention, there is no smell of smoke all over me or my clothes anymore -- or, more importantly, in my car. I can't do Uber if I smoke in my car. (I never vape with customers in the car, either).

I haven't had a cigarette since January 28, 2021. 22 days, smoke free! (But, not VAPE free! I'll get THERE one day!)


Before I left the Vape Shop, I got my first Uber assignment. And, from there, I was RUNNING! (Call me Forrest Gump!)

Within 3 hours, I had made over $100, if you want to count the cash tips! So, I decided to go eat at Tacos 4 Life. It was my first time eating there, but I'd been inside to pick up food for customers before. I was impressed by their menu.

There was the cutest snowman sitting out front, and I had to get a picture of it!

I bought the Chorizo Taco Dinner with a side of mango habanero rice and some black refried beans and a drink to go with it. It was AWESOME! The tacos were HUGE, too!


And messy. (It ain't good unless it's messy, right?)

Then, I turned on the WAITr app. I did another $100 worth of deliveries before I had to fill my take up with gas again.

Gas was hard to find today. The recent weather has delayed the trucks, so all the stations were running out. But, on Highway 67, by the Loop, sits a Paradise station that had a LOT of business today, because they had GAS! So I went there. ($2.49/gallon for regular unleaded).

I filled my tank up and took a couple more deliveries. Then, turned the Uber app back on. I immediately was sent to Nash to the Golden Chick to pick up an order that was supposed to pay me $17 for the delivery! OH YEAH, BABY! I WAS MAKING BANK TODAY!

But, when I got there, the store was closed. I was frustrated. I called Uber Support, and they only paid me $3.00 for wasting my time. At that point (It was 9:30) I figured it was time to come home. I hit over $200 today. I did well for just 8 hours of work! That's $25/hour! Most days I do good to make anywhere from $12 to $15!

Tomorrow is the Sabbath. I sure hope my water comes back on.

Have a blessed day!

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