Lupus Sucks

Good morning, World!

I did not feel well at all yesterday. I spent most of the day sitting here at the computer, playing games and watching old re-runs of television shows.

And I did a LOT of sleeping yesterday. Fatigue set in and got it's claws in me and wouldn't let go!

This morning I get to go to work.

I make it a point to work on work days, even if I don't work a lot. But I am going to try to work harder today than I did on Friday. I just didn't feel like being out there, Friday. And, today, I don't feel like going out there, but maybe when I get out there I'll feel better.

I need energy that isn't filled with stuff that boosts the immune system. My immune system is already working overtime, which is what the problem is. If anyone has any suggestions, please offer!

Thank You!

And, ya'll keep praying for me.

Have a blessed day!

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