Lupus Diet, Washed up Dogs and Training at Work.

I am slowly cooking up my food supply from the generous donor who bought me so many groceries back in December. It's a good thing, since my freezer no longer works. But, my refrigerator freezer is packed right now.

This morning, I am having healthy turmeric turkey stew leftovers from last night. It's a recipe for people who have lupus, because they are not supposed to eat inflammatory foods. So, I am having to change my diet gradually, as I get rid of all this food I am not supposed to eat.

But, I tell you, that stew woke me up. It gave me so much energy last night. I should not have eaten it before time to go to bed.

Today is the first day of my work week. I don't know how I am going to work tomorrow (but I know I will), because I get to start my training for my Direct Response Remote Customer Service job.

I gave both the dogs baths today. They were itching, so I thought it would help. They enjoyed the bath! Now, they smell like wet dogs. Clean wet dogs, but they still have that wet dog smell. LOL

Have a blessed day!

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