Lots of Doing Things.

Hello, World!

Yesterday, I stayed busy. .

I updated all my apps on my phone so I could continue to get gig offers from all my apps.

I signed up for coinbase through my bitcoin wallet so I can invest more in crypto.

I set up recurring $5 deposits each month into my ally card, so I can use it with coinbase and for savings.

I was able to sell 4 shares of stock to reinvest in another company. My net assets have gained $10.

I check my emails.

I received a training schedule for my remote job.

I added another installment of God's Laws at God Inspires from Exodus 22.

I ate leftover Rice Roni for breakfast, and a meal replacement shake and a glass of water for breakfast. A can of loaded baked potato soup for supper.

I took my supplements, and gave Milo his medicine.

I took the dogs out.

I updated my GrubHub application.

I transferred my earnings from WAITr to my FigurePay card.

Then, I transferred my money from Figure Pay and Dasher Direct to my Etrade Checking Account (about $100 total -- all I made on Doordash and Waitr last month).

I checked my voice mail.

Added some more to my list of groceries on my Walmart account.

I did two WAITr and enough Uber to make goal.

I played games on the computer, and watched episodes of The Rifleman, Bonanza, Bewitched and Stargate.

I checked my snail mail.

I finally got my insurance ID card. But still dealing with them about the payment.

Today is the Sabbath. I am going to enjoy sitting at home.

Have a blessed day!

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